the project


The Assedio project was born in November 2012 from Guido Soatto and Luca Smanio’s passion for parlor games and history. From this combination they started the idea of matching a strategic military game with the historical events that involved Montagnana and more widely some municipalities of the “Bassa” during the Middle Ages. With the cooperation of the Centro Studi Castelli of Montagnana and Giandaniele Pauletto (our personal historical guide), we began to study the ancient cartography of the Bassa Padovana to create the map that is now the game board.

First map Assedio
The first map of Assedio - December 2012

Turning point

Since December 2016, Michele Arzenton, Marika Saoncella and Andrea Rossato joined the group, and test after test significantly contributed to get to the current and final version of Assedio.


Since the beginning our objectives are playful, cultural and didactic, to rediscover the importance of playing together around a table and find out the events connected with our territory. Often, such events are not studied at school in favor of more relevant historical events. Besides, it is also a nice souvenir to take home after a tour of the places in the game.


After many many (really many) tests, the team has completed the trial stage that allowed to check that the mechanism worked. This led to a decision about the components of the game, then to our first self-produced prototype and an esteem of the costs. It also allowed us to involve more people and agencies to introduce it to the public and to promote it.