la mappa

This is a reconstruction/interpretation of how the Bassa Padovana could have been like before the Venetian reclamation of the 16th century, inspired by a selection of several maps of the 15th century that the Centro Studi Castelli have made available to us, and under the valuable supervision of our personal historian Giandaniele Pauletto, who has walked us through the delicate stage of the study of the territory.


The map shows substantial differences with the current morphology for what concerns both natural changes and human intervention – keeping in mind the needs connected with the playability. We have to make clear that our map has no academic presumptions. That said, we can assert that the river “Adexe” (Adige), the lakes (“de Spialfreddo”, “de Vighizuol” and “de la Griguola”), the “Colli Euganei” (Euganean Hills) and the other rivers and gutters really existed in the past. It is also historically true where the castles were, while the borders of each municipality are an adaptation for the game’s purpose.

Map Assedio
The Assedio Map
Assedio is a game inspired to the history of the territory during the Middle Ages, not an academic research or dissertation on medieval history.