the game

The phrases we repeat continuously during our tests and demonstrations


At the beginning it was actually a full adaptation of one of the most successful board games, but after it evolved and we adapted it to our objectives. Now we can proudly assert that we have created our original game: it is a game of military strategy set in the Late Middle Ages that reminds of clashes between soldiers in a specific area. These clashes were led through the control of the municipalities that put together this area, or the building of castles – the quintessential symbol of power and supremacy.


In ASSEDIO the players have a board with 42 municipalities, among which some will be arranged to host a castle: who will have the most castles at the end of the game will win.

To fight every player will choose a dynasty with the feature and piece colour they prefer. With the number of pieces they are assigned they will form an army and use two kinds of dice to face their opponents: D8 and D10 respectively to fight with soldiers or siege weapons and soldiers. To attack castles, the players will have to complete missions that are rewarded with Military Rank or Assedio Launch.

To increase their army, at each round there are backup pieces that can be bought according to each player’s property and mercenaries that can be bought with the Coins earned with the conquests. Besides, there are many (face cards?) with special powers to use against the adversaries.


two hours (except setup and rules’ reading)